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Yet another video from Vietnam but..

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I found this in the Canada, USA, Australia Facebook group. Someone posted and the first reply was asking to give a translation summary on the video and the OP replied with:

"they are positifs, but got almost the same reviews as Kyle Conner "the noise on the highway is nearly unbearable, same thing of other things as well". But their expectation is low, and Kyle Conner expectation is high. And they said positifs things like:right turn is really good, solid car, charging is good, turn signal problem: can be resolve if you put on second gear instead of first gear, inside felt good, ... basically based on the price that they bought the car there is no way, they can get another car with this cheap price. Of course, They are right, because the price of Vinfast VF8 in Viet Nam is super cheap compare to Tesla 3, Vinfast VF8 is 1/3 of the price of Tesla 3."

the reason I say this is interesting is because I also found out in this same thread that the VF8 is apparently way cheaper than Teslas in Vietnam.

"Nguyễn Thanh Hải in Viet Nam, of course if this car price is the same as Toyota Yaris, I will buy Vinfast VF8."

i haven't been able to find the prices to back up this person's claim, but I'm sure with some sort of discounts there was an incentive to purchase them over other EVs. Those reviews, in turn build hype over in the US and Canada where the standards are much higher considering the price of the vehicles and the problems they have. That leads us to where we are today.

We're seeing a reversal here with Tesla reducing the price of their cars, which now makes vinfast the more expensive vehicle.

i hope this makes Vinfast re think the pricing of the VF8 and VF9.. get some bulk orders by selling a first batch as is cheaper, improve the car this year and release an updated version for 2024.. if the price was better I could probably live with the issues they have now, considering software could probably fix most of them..other issues they could maybe recall over time.
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