From 2024, VinFast will be getting solid-state batteries from ProLogium
"VinFast and ProLogium will become long-term strategic partners in the future and will enter into commercial agreements to develop battery pack designs using ProLogium's proprietary solid-state battery technology, "adhering to strict specifications on the parameters, quality, and safety for VinFast."

As part of the agreement, ProLogium plans to provide solid-state battery cells to VinFast starting from 2024 for the automaker's next-generation lineup.

A significant capacity of ProLogium's first major solid state battery plant, which is scheduled to launch in early 2023, will be devoted to supply VinFast. That facility will have a total annual output of 3 GWh of power at full capacity, enough to power 30,000 EVs with 100-kWh batteries. The two parties said they may also establish a joint-venture for a solid-state battery factory in Vietnam in the future.
"ProLogium is one of our key partners, helping VinFast quickly master the supply of solid-state batteries while continuing to deliver EV products with advanced battery technology for a more enjoyable and safer driving experience."
Le Thi Thu Thuy, Vingroup Vice Chairwoman, and VinFast Global CEO
The partnership with ProLogium is an important part of VinFast's battery strategy as the Vietnamese automaker aims to enhance control over the quantity and type of its battery supply to meet the needs of each electric vehicle line and market demand for high-performance, safe and environmentally friendly batteries.
"ProLogium and VinFast will together unveil smart electric vehicles powered by our market leading next-generation solid-state battery technologies."
Vincent Yang, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of ProLogium Technology