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VinFast Hood Catches Fire At German Showroom

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A fire happened at a VinFast dealership in Germany bacause a hood of one of the cars caught fire.

(Translated from German)

After a fire in a car dealership on Cologne's Rudolfplatz, there were significant traffic delays. The fire broke out in the premises of the Vietnamese car manufacturer Vinfast.

Large fire brigade operation at Rudolfplatz: A fire broke out in the premises of the car dealer Vinfast on Monday afternoon. This was announced by the Cologne police.

A fire broke out in the front of the store. According to initial findings, a bonnet caught fire. In order to get into the rooms, the fire brigade had to break down an entrance door. Nothing is known at first about further damage.

The Habsburgerring and other side streets were closed to the fire brigade. There were significant traffic delays there. There is no information yet on the exact cause of the fire. There were no injuries. The Vietnamese carmaker's first German flagship store only opened in December 2022.
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Fortunately fires with EVs aren't anywhere near as common as they are with ICE cars. I read that there was 25.1 fires per 100k sales for electric vehicles and 1529.9 fires per 100k for gas vehicles.
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