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Vinfast Facts

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Here is the latest Information I got as of 3/17/2022 , Email them or call an post your results

Currently offering delivery inside California only, where VinFast has showrooms and service centers.
Customer experience is a top priority for us and top of mind as we work hard to accommodate delivery in other states in the future.

Target date for delivering VF9 is (November or December) 2022. Yes, will be able to purchase your vehicle

Once you pick up your car from California you will be able to transport it to your home state.

VinFast offers two Battery Subscription plans to customers:
  • Flexible plan: customers pay a monthly battery subscription fee covering a driving range up to 310 miles per month. Miles over 310 per month will incur an additional cost equal to the excess range multiplied by the battery rental unit cost (initial estimation is 6 cents per mile)
  • Fixed plan: customers pay a monthly battery subscription plan covering an unlimited mileage range with the following subscription fee: $110/month for VF 8 and $160/monthly for VF 9.
  • Customers do not have to pay for battery repair and maintenance as VinFast will cover these costs.
  • VinFast will replace a customer's battery if and when the battery's charging capacity dips below 70%
  • You can Switch battery plans only once, going from Monthly or fixed or Fixed from Monthly
Our initial prices might be changed when products are officially launched. We will update more details on this program in the near future.
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