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Vinfast community forum now live

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Checking now!
It was live yesterday lol. I looked nothing special as of yesterday. Looking again. However, I think you have to be a reservation holder to have access to it.
I'm a reservation holder but my login didn't work. Might be US only?
Might be US only?
yeah, that's is very possible the answer. there were a couple emails that went out announcing the forum was coming. Most likely Canada would be a separate forum? idk. A North America forum would be fine, I think. Or English only forum.

For everybody else you use the login info you use for the vinfast web site.
It was live yesterday
yeah, maybe last night. Yesterday I was checking all day. Went live sometime last night/early morning; at least PST.
think you have to be a reservation holder to have access to it.
yes and one would have received the announcement emails already. Plus, think it is US only for now?
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I could log in on Friday but no content until Sunday. It was all vinfast supplied content.
Last couple days there is now member content and replies.
Volume picking up on the new forum, which kinda explains what is happening here.
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