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Vinfast Charger

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Here are pics of charger it has a long cable must be 20ft cable. It has to be hardwired to house.


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Wait, "has to be hardwired"? I could have sworn the demo one in my local vinfast store had the same NEMA plug as my oven? 🤔
Just checked my notes from when I visited my nearest (Guelph Ontario, Canada) dealer for a "VIP event" about 8 weeks ago. They were definitely offering a Vinfast home charger with a NEMA 14-50 OR hardwired at that time
With that much electricity. I would never plug.
Wait, really? Do you hardwire the other side into your car too? 😜

More seriously... You're plugging one side in/out of your car probably 300+ times per year, but you're not OK having a beefier, more permanent, less dusty, less-(ab)used plug/socket on the other side of the unit? 🤔

Having one the other side would make it easier to take with you when you move, or even just take camping - many of our campsites have 240V NEMA 14-50 for RVs.

Is there a good reason to trust CCS connectors much much more than NEMA ones?
... but equally, and perhaps less biassed, How to Choose the Best Home Wall Charger for Your Electric Vehicle - Consumer Reports

"We favor the plug-in type because of the portability; these chargers are easy to take with you when you move or even when you’re on vacation, should you rent a home. Make sure you order the right charger for the plug you have: A four-prong outlet requires what’s called a NEMA 14-50 plug, while a three-prong outlet requires a NEMA 6-50 plug"

... but does later say "For applications above 48 amps, it’s recommended that the EVSE is hardwired"

Interesting! 🤔
accept your apology [...] It’s all fun here
Oh totally all good fun, yup, hence why I thought it would be OK to be a teeny bit snarky about haard-wiring the other side of the charger too 😜

I had a quick chat with the "unbiased EV advice" people at Plug 'n' Drive - they slightly prefer the NEMA installation option, for approx the reasons I mentioned (ability to take it to a vacation home / campsite once in a while), but they did also mention another time you may want to hardwire:

Harder to steal! People generally hard wire if it’s accessible or outside. No difference in terms of function. Hope this helps.
Oh Interesting! Anyone got the Specs of the North American "Vinfast Portable Charger"? Is it the same as / similar to the EU one ?
  • Mode 2 charging (Basic charging)
  • Type 2 AC connector
  • Up to 3.5kW (1-phase, 16A)
  • Charging time for 10-100% of battery capacity ≈ 13,3 hours (may not be for VF8/VF9)
  • Overheat protection: Yes
  • Length: 5.5m
That's pretty good compared with most other manufacturers' "Granny Cables"!
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