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Vinfast Build Quality

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Posted on Reddit by someone who visited the Montreal dealership.

It could be argued that the vehicles in store are pre production as Canada hasn't received any shipments but yeah.
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In test driving a pre-production unit and seeing them in the showroom their build quality was pretty darn good. The seats looked they were worn already with wrinkles etc, but I chalked that up to preproduction.

I wonder how many of the 999 have made it to customer.
I'm going to guess they sold 25% of them to be honest. There are a lot of people who not only have money in California but are also trying to get their hands on an electric vehicle. I also think they got deals on them and scooped them up. I wouldn't be surprised if they announce they sold at least 25%
I also think they got deals on them and scooped them up.
yeah, I'm thinking they got what vinfast published lease price wise. I don't think they negotiated anything. And so far they have been very quiet, if indeed there are owners. No matter, my Tesla Y will be delivered Thursday. :sneaky:
Jesus, that's fast AF!
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