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VinFast has announced two new models at CES 2023, the VF6 and VF7.

Those of you with yer ears to the ground will know the Vietnamese company behind VinFast has its hands in many pies. In addition to cars, the VinGroup encompasses endeavors like VinHomes real estate, VinPearl resorts, and VinCom shopping malls.

We hope they get into petroleum and call it VinDiesel.

But with two EVs on offer and plans for an all-electric future, it’s unlikely they will. At CES, they have introduced two new models as well: the VF6 and VF7.

Anyone blessed with the gift of numerical comprehension will have ascertained the VF6 and VF7 slot below the existing VF8 and VF9 in the VinFast product line. As with its larger brothers, these two new EVs will be offered in Eco and Plus trims, with an attendant difference in horsepower between them. Let’s start with the smaller vehicle.

The VF6 is 166.9 inches long and 62.8 inches tall, packing a 59.6 kWh battery which is allegedly good for 248 miles of all-electric driving. Eco trims will have 174 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft of torque, while the Plus gets 201 ponies and 228 torques and can go 237 miles on the same size battery. Both are front-wheel drive and have the typical Level 2 driving helpers.

Next to it is the VF7, also offered in Eco and Plus. It stretches 178.9 inches long and stands 64.4 inches tall. That’s within shouting distance of a Hyundai Tucson, for comparison. The VF6 Eco and VF6 Plus have the same front-wheel drive powertrain, though its battery is bigger at 75.3 kWh and can travel 280 miles on a full charge. Upgrading to a VF7 Plus nets an extra electric motor, bumping power to 348 hp and 368 lb.-ft sent to all four wheels. Extra power means extra weight, so the range drops to a listed 268 miles on an equivalent battery.

Its three-row VF9 is 201.5 inches in length, just to keep things in perspective.

Since announcing its pure electric strategy less than twelve months ago at CES 2022, VinFast has delivered several VF 8 City Edition models to customers in America late last year. This follows the September distribution of this model in its home market of Vietnam. While pricing wasn’t mentioned for these new models, the VF8 starts in the high 50s and the VF9 in the low 80s. A battery subscription program was hyped and then rarely spoken of once company brass figured out Americans don’t like even their tv remotes being delivered without batteries, let alone their cars. Right now, clicking on that link at VinFast’s website leads to a landing page that just says ‘for future availability’.

We’ll have more CES coverage throughout the week.

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