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Vietnam EV maker VinFast plans promotions in response to Tesla price cuts

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I really hope this is not what they mean but competing with Tesla lol.....

Member Benefits have been changed!
With the desire to bring more great experiences to customers shortly, VinFast would like to inform customers about the change in the member benefits policy and the terms and conditions of benefits.
Please read the information below carefully to understand the details of the changes
  • Member Benefits
  • Term and Condition of Benefits

Member Benefits
1. Member benefits for participation in the VinFast Global Community
Danh Dự
Chủ Xe
Car Owner
1. The privilege of two-way interaction with VinFast and other members.
Receive early updates on vehicle promotions as well as official feedback from VinFast on vehicle usage questions
Interact with other members and VinFast experts to discuss VinFast vehicle experiences, tips, and how to operate VinFast vehicles
Experience early test drives and innovative technology for new car models
2. Participate in VinFast's exclusive events
Ability to participate in themed photo contests or contribute themed content.- The administrator sets the theme of the photo or content contests
- Awards (if any) will be announced as listed in the rules applicable to the program
Participate in major annual events organized by VinFast community
Participate in themed events such as VinFast's birthday party, Christmas party
Participate in meetings to contribute ideas on the research and development of vehicle and software productsMeet leaders, electric vehicle experts, chief engineers, chief designers of VinFast
Participate in special events for global members in different countries every yearDedicated to active and lucky members
3. Other benefits and discounts
Special offers according to campaignsOffers are subject to the campaign specification of each market
2. Points accumulation activities and use of points to receive incentives
Car Owner
Car Owner
1. Points accumulation activities
Participate in surveys40 points/survey
Refer community membersMembers who successfully refer another member to register for the community will be awarded points100 points/new member
Refer friends to buy a VinFast vehicle or purchase a second VinFast vehicleMembers receive points when they successfully refer a new individual to purchase a VinFast vehicle.VF 7 - 7,000 points
VF 8 - 10,000 points
VF 9 - 15,000 points
2. Redeem and use points
VIP member ranking- On December 31st every year, VIP members are ranked according to the total accumulated points
Redeem points for VinFast gifts and merchandise or a discount on your next VinFast vehicle purchase* Coming in 2023
  • VinFast’s merchandise includes shirts, hats, chargers, etc.
  • Points may be redeemed for a maximum discount of $5,000 USD per VinFast vehicle and may only apply to a subsequent purchase of a qualifying VinFast vehicle.
3. Membership Ranking
Car Owner
Car Owner
Ranking criteriaAccumulated a minimum amount of 16,000 points
Number of members for each membership level (may be adjusted over time)500
Membership ranking periodDoes not resetJanuary 1st, annually
Point ExpirationDec 31st next year*
* Points are valid until December 31st of the following year. Points accrued from January 1st, 2023 through December 31st, 2023 will be valid until December 31st, 2024, at which point they will expire.
From 01/01/2023, points can be used to upgrade a member’s tier and redeem for and VinFast services and products. The benefits provided to the VinFast Community Members can be changed or removed without prior notice.
Read more about the Terms and Conditions of Member Benefits HERE.

They trying to get people to use their forum by way of earning points that can be redeemed for lots of things even vehicle rebates lol
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Lmao nah I'm sure they announced this back in December and it's only now starting. But yeah they would be putting the nail in the coffin if their plan is to implement anything less than a deep discount on the cars. They're simply not worth it and as a potential buyer we shouldn't have to jump through hoops or kiss anyone's ass to get a deal on a car. They should be doing everything they can to get us to buy their cars..simple as..they're a new company and need us.

Besides, the government makes us jump through enough hoops to get the rebates as it is lol
they have no choice. Head to head vinfast comes out on the bottom. the fiasco with City Edition is going to last for a while. And now with the subscription being hidden I think that is really going to 'reduce' their reservation list. I just called to cancel my reservation/order as I know a bunch did who also ordered a Tesla. Mine arrives Friday.

If only the first 999 were the REAL version of the VF8 and one of them was mine, it would have been no Tesla for me. Oh well, vinfast.
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