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VF9 - update!

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Happy Friday Vinfasters! 😎

Today a VinFast advisor reached out to me to confirm my details, and validate my reservation. Finally!! talked to a really nice advisor after January. I was able to successfully login to their website and confirm my VF9 reservation. All is good.👏

I happened to play around with the VinFast configurator called “3D Visualizer” and really liked it. You can zoom in and view the interior and exterior features, cameras, front and rear. Kinda cool. But, I cannot attach this configuration to my VF9 reservation as yet. I suspect that will happen next year when they open up for final configurations after VF8 starts to roll out. I sent a follow up note to my advisor check on this.😇

The new orders of VF9 will firstly come out of Vietnam. USA 🇺🇸 production won’t happen until 2024 in NC, so it’s a long wait.👀

The 5K voucher expires end of 2023, so let’s hope they can extend this for folks who would want to purchase the VF9 directly from the factory. They still haven’t figured out South, South East, East, New England service centers aside from California.🤔

Cheers! My tentative final configuration is below. 🙌🔥🙌😍

Blue Mesh Rectangle Font Grille

Azure Mesh Rectangle Art Font

Blue Azure World Rectangle Font

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Automotive tire

World Rectangle Line Font Urban design

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Automotive parking light Car Wheel Vehicle Tire
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Congratulations! I’m still waiting for that call
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