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VF8 Testing around San Diego

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Good morning all just wanted to mention that last night on my way to dinner I had a VF8 behind me. I am assuming it was doing EPA testing perhaps I am not sure. It was spotted in the La Jolla area just driving around the coast. Reason I was able to spot it was because of the front light bar V actually lights up at night lol. The headlights are probably LED but not sure they looked to be round bulbs for the low beams.

So what did I do and how am I guessing it was testing. Well glad you asked lol... I got in the left lane and slowed down to see if it was in fact a VF8 and it was. It was a gray/silver color. Reason for thinking it was testing for EPA or other test was because it had a Michigan license plate on the vehicle. So that led me to believe that it was an EPA engineer driving the car for its range tests for the actual EPA numbers.
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but not sure they looked to be round bulbs for the low beams.
Bulbs for a new designed car in the year 2022? that would be a really bad idea…
I wonder production or pre-production vehicle…..
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