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Hello All,

I placed a reservation on 4/1/22 for a Model VF8. Interesting that there was no choice for various major options (like Eco vs Plus variants, color, etc) in the reservation process. I'm assuming these details will be determined when VinFast is able to commit to delivery and support in North Carolina. What is the plan for customer feedback/status information on reservations? Does anyone know?

Incidentally, I also own a 2021 Tesla Model 3 (Long Range Dual Motor). The VF8 will likely replace my wife's 2014 Acura MDX if delivery can occur sometime in 2023.

My assumption is that initial US deliveries will all be manufactured in Vietnam until the new US production plant is operational sometime in or after 2024.

By the way, I live in Pittsboro, NC, USA -- which is in Chatham County where Vinfast has recently announced their US manufacturing location. Looking forward to that plant tour in 2024!
I assume you know that you have to pickup your car in California . Vinvast seems right now to be the only company for the reservation first orders that you have to pick up at a vinvast showroom or service station which will be only in California as of right now . I confirmed this in email . so the option when taking delivery for me as of now is i would have to Fly to California , take delivery and i would then have a shipping partner ship my car to my home which is in Pennsylvania .I would then fly back. .. seems costly but looking at it compared to the Rivian that is 86-90K . so getting the VF9 Plus + the 5K off the price seems like pretty good deal. i estimate its gonna be at least 2-3K to get the VF9 back to my home and + travel.
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