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VF8 Canadian Pricing

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The Vf8 CDN pricing was released:

The VF 8 Eco and VF 8 Plus equipped with the standard battery offer a WLTP-estimated range of 420 km and 400 km, respectively, with a base MSRP of $50,850 and $59,350. A higher-capacity battery increasing the range to 471 km and 447 km will be available in 2023 for a premium of $400.
In my opinion this pricing is NOT very attractive. EV6, top trim, costs about 59k CAD after rebates. A VF8 will run you about 56k CAD. With the monthly payment of 138/month for battery this difference will be crossed in about 2 years.

Vinfast - Why would customers buy your car vs an established player like Kia/Hyundai ?

Hope you guys get the pricing right.
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