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I was there the first weekend. I noticed that most of the staff were literally hired a week prior. Chances are they don't know more than what we know (there was a woman who worked the door and when we asked her a question while waiting to "test drive" she told me she had just started that Thursday).

The sales director and a few of the other people there were the best source of information.

Regarding the price - I would go based on the website vs the person you spoke to, unless it was the one dude with the white beard, or the guy with the suit IMO (the most knowledgeable there, but I'm bias BC I only spoke to those two in depth). Also, keep in mind I believe there were different prices depending on when you reserved your vehicle. I know there has been complaints about the prices as well, so it's also possible that they are changing the prices, and keep in mind the government incentive - keeping the price low to qualify.

Go off of what the website says, unless you were told information from one of the "actual" Vinfast executives/staff. We should hear more from them when they have the next live stream (they canceled the one that was supposed to happen last week - waiting for the updated information on date/time).
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