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Next Batch coming June (so Vinfast says)

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June? Yikes, so glad Tesla dropped the price of the Y that I received in Jan. If I were still waiting for VF8 as advertised during the summer my head would have exploded. NO doubt would have gone with my 2nd choice of the Ioniq 5 or continued waiting for the Chevy Blazer EV.
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did they sell the first batch ? new ownwers say nothing ?
Not sure if they sold out of the first batch yet. After doing a Test Drive with the wife she like it so much I went ahead and converted to the City Edition. Plus I did a 3 year lease for the California EV Rebate cause you need a min. of 30mos lease to qualify. Also that will give them time to get their facility up and running in NC to qualify for the Tax Rebate (becomes a point of sale rebate in 2024), as long as they meet the battery mineral requirements. So I picked mine up last Thursday. I will post a review later today.

Right now I had the option of free EA charging but after buying the car we decided to go with the home charger so I contacted Vinfast over the weekend since they still had to go thru all the paperwork to the financing department anyways to see if I can get it changed to the home charger and credit for installation.

So far we enjoy the vehicle it is nice and ride is really smooth. If you have driven a Tesla or maybe other EVs you will notice that their 1 Pedal driving is not really 1 Pedal driving. It does have regen setting for low and high but it is not like a Tesla where you really have to keep the foot on the pedal to keep it from jerking a lot. It will not completely stop on its on like Tesla does but that is ok and its not bad especially if you not use to 1P driving.

THe Estimated range is around 245.5 at 96% SOC so now the efficiency of the vehicle am not sure as I do not travel far distances. Now a new article came out the other day stating the normal VF8 will be closer to 293 miles Estimated. The car does come with charger and a fix a flat chemical.
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tom pheng video made 345 kilometer in his latest video .
looking at tesla model Y plus for nest year maybe? the price of lithium is falling and the new CATL batterie is coming !!!
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looking at tesla model Y plus for nest year maybe?
bought mine the night the price went down $13k; that was it for me. cya vinfast. Could the price of the Y go down more, certainly........Better bet than vinfast at this point.
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electric viking made a video for price of tesla model y long range and standard for canada !!! we would have tax credits 5000 for canada , province tax credits for british columbia 4000 and quebec province tax credits 7000 !!! going to look if that is true what a deal !!! 70000 canadian dollar minus 12000 cost 58000 canadian dollars !!!
e for electric one year ago made a video * sandy munro on tesla lfp batteries * . for me i would like that batterie in my model y in canada !!!
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