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we have a two car garage space is limited one tiguan and a jeep grand cherokee ltd . end of 2011 started looking for new car first idea was a hybrid . my sister and her son bought small ev cars they were happy . i was thinking if this trend continues gas cars and hybrid would lose their value ! there was a long waiting list for the hybrid i wanted . the price range for me was between 50k and 68k dollars . so i decided to go for an ev ! there was two models made a deposit on one of 500 dollar made me wait 4 monts to put me on the waiting list told me going to have to wait at least 18 months , the other one going to contact me to get on the waiting list still waiting . one car is loosing his wheels the other one has problems whith apps and electronics . found a few videos on youtube about vinfast . did my research on the vf8 because of the dimension and the price . fell in love with the look of the car !!! if noting happens the vf8 vinfast is the one !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts