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My personal opinion series - major concerns/issues: communication and showroom network

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Yesterday was obviously the first time that Vinfast got into interaction with
its reservation holders. I miss a lot of transparency about the next steps
Vinfast plans in general and particular here in the US. I’ve got a lot of messages for their
showroom openings in California but no information about
their plans for the „rest“ of the US. I get it that California right now is
the most important market for EVs but nevertheless I think meanwhile there
should be announcements for other states (especially for the east coast)
as well if they really plan to deliver vehicles at the end of this or the
beginning of next year…
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I miss a lot of transparency about the next steps
vinfast is certainly not yet in 'communicating' with those with plain reservations or those who converted to a contract. Why that is, is a mystery. A good example is no real info on when production will start....when production units available to test drive...etc etc. I'm less worried about test drive since now I converted; I did 'sit' in one at the Hillsdale pre-production unit.

the fact I couldn't see the reservation online and now not the contract is also a miss, imho. How long can it take to get that info displayed? Heard a few times there are 80k reservations, but no specifics as to US, worldwide etc.

So I wait. Hopefully Sept for test drive and Oct for actual order w/options.....
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