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Is the VinFast VF8 a terrible vehicle?

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The VF8 received some harsh feedback in this new review. Anybody here concerned?
"From a ride and handling standpoint, the VF8 needs big-time help. The crap suspension damping and motion sickness–inducing body movements aren’t even the biggest issues. The steering response is nonlinear and inconsistent, and there is absolutely no feedback delivered through the wheel. It’s terrible, especially when you put the VF8 in Sport mode and the steering becomes so overboosted that it’s borderline uncontrollable. My car also pulled to the right on flat surfaces, so that’s fun.
I cannot believe this is a vehicle you can go out and buy right now.
The brakes are decent, and there are two levels of regeneration, but even the highest setting isn’t strong enough to allow for one-pedal driving. You can turn a creep function on and off, but if you choose the latter, there’s no hill hold assist and the VF8 will roll forward or backward(!) if you take your foot off the brake while stopped.
If you described a car to ChatGPT and had it build something without any background knowledge or contextual awareness, the VF8 is what I imagine you’d get. Drive literally any other modern car back to back with the VF8 and you’ll see how much catching up VinFast has to do."
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Yikes, I don't know how many times, if at all, I've seen an article write that something is "crap" about a car.

I just did a quick google search and Motor1 isn't the only ones who don't like the VF8.

well, those are for the 'city edition' which were crap on delivery. BUT. they lost me to a Tesla YLR in Jan when they reduced the price by 20%. Took delivery a week later and nuked my vinfirst pioneer order.
Plus not having the battery subscription would have killed it anyway for me. but, yes, CE sucks bad.
For a non car enthusiast stand point it is a good car for me. I know I'm no reporter and do own one. It does have ots perks and flaws but if I could go back yes would have got Tesla but that was out of my range and I do not have the tax liability to claim full credit anyways. So I will stick with the VF8 for 3 years once lease is about up trade in for Tesla probably or something else.
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