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Any body know is vinfast vehicle qualify for clean car 4 all program?
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Hey @Minhloi. It looks like any "new or used hybrid, plug-in, electric, or fuel cell vehicle" qualifies, based on what I see on this official site. They don't seem to have a predefined list of net-zero cars that qualify.

Where about in California are you located?
What VinFast model and trim are you getting?

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In order to be eligible for the statewide program, applicants must fall below 300 percent of the Federal
Poverty Level ($83,250 for a family of 4) in addition to prioritizing applicants with a needs-based
criteria which will be determined with a public process.

that kinda kills it for most who could afford at >$50k OTD vehicle.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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