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Okay, I have been looking for an EV that is a full size SUV. We have 5 kids still at home and this is the first one that checks all the boxes. (Besides Rivian R1S that may be 2 or more years and 2x the price) I just can’t believe I haven’t come across Vinfast until now.

The battery lease is not a bad thing but raises 2 thoughts:

1. With them replacing the battery at 70% degradation then do we not have to worry about charging closer to 100% every night if we want? I mean if they will replace it why not push the battery more each charge?

2. The federal tax credit is based on how big the battery is that you purchase on the EV. But if you are not purchasing a battery are you not eligible for a tax credit?

sorry if these have been discussed, I am new here and don’t see a huge amount of people in this forum.
Hey @Ys Guy welcome to the forum! Unless there's something in the fine print of the battery lease program that talks about charging I guess you could push the battery to a higher charge if you want.

Would you be interested in getting the VF8 or VF9?
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